UG 007 – The Body, Ego and Soul: The Path to Better Decisions and a Happier Life

    In this episode of Unlocking Greatness, I spoke with noted speaker and award-winning author David Lieberman, Ph.D., whose techniques have been used by the FBI, the Navy and Fortune 500 companies. In this interview, Dr. Lieberman explains the concept of free will, how to make quality decisions and the impact those choices have on our reality. He charts a path to positive self-esteem, self-awareness and personal happiness.


    • Dr. Lieberman’s techniques, tools and tactics used by the FBI in their trainings  (2:57)
    • The relationship between the body, soul and ego (8:12)
    • Understanding how free will works (10:42)
    • The path to positive self esteem (14:34)
    • The quality of your choices; The hard decision between right and wrong (22:18)
    • How to take control of your body (26:41)
    • Understanding your ego (28:27)
    • Intellectual awareness: How do you know who you really are? (31:31)
    • Tips to help you gain true perspective (36:01)
    • Acknowledging reality (42:30)
    • When something good happens, you assume something bad will happen next (46:10)
    • The Werther Effect and working on your own perspective (48:40)

    How Free Will Works by Dr. David Lieberman

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    Friedrich Nietzsche: “Madness is rare in individuals – but in groups, parties, nations, and ages it is the rule.”

    Milgram Experiment

    David Lieberman, Ph.D., is an award-winning author and internationally recognized leader in the field of human behavior and interpersonal relationships. The techniques based on his seven books, which have been translated into eighteen languages and include two New York Times best-sellers, are used by the FBI, The Department of the Navy, FORTUNE 500 companies, and by governments, corporations and mental health professionals in more than twenty-five countries. He has appeared as a guest expert on more than 200 programs such as The Today Show, Fox News, and The View, and his works have been featured in publications around the world. He writes a bi-weekly column called “Human Nature 101” for The Jewish Press. He lives in Lakewood, New Jersey, with his wife and children.

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