Voluntary Discomfort as a Path to Becoming Greater

    The second season of The Boardroom kicks off with the phenomena of Voluntary Discomfort and how it leads to a better, more productive life. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not comfort that we should be looking forward to, but discomfort. In this week’s show, we take a deeper look at how being comfortable with being uncomfortable molds our psyche and stretches us to be greater and achieve more than we feel we are currently capable of.

    We hear from Mark Owen, author of No Easy Day and former Navy SEAL, who was part of the team that killed Osama Bin Ladin. Owen talks about how NAVY SEALS training centers around being comfortable with uncomfortable and the trick he used to get through the grueling 6 months of training!

    The “In the News with Michael Davis” segment covers qualities of top dealmakers and the current Republican Presidential debate.

    The Unlocking Greatness spotlight features air force pilot Rob “Waldo” Waldman who shares his secret for how he overcame claustrophobia while flying his missions.

    The show finishes off with a Q&A from #TheAskCharlieShow on how to find your purpose and stay resilient even when you face challenges.

    Show Notes:

    • Being Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable: Mark Owen (1:40 – 16:08)
    • “In the News with Michael Davis” (16:09 – 33:03)
    • Unlocking Greatness Spotlight: Waldo Waldman – “The Wingman” (33:04 – 49:40)
    • #TACS: What tools can I use to stay positive, and put up a fight day to day? (49:41 – 59:23)


    Unlocking Greatness Spotlight: Waldo Waldman – “The Wingman”

    Doing these 9 uncomfortable things will pay off forever

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