The Boardroom – Episode 020 (2/12/15)

    We all love sounding smart, but you have to make sure that your message is communicated when you speak.  The use of your language is just as important as the value of your ideas. Most people think that by holding a grudge they are actually affecting the person who wronged them, but the latest research shows otherwise.  Charlie explains how the concept of forgiveness and letting go can be one of the most powerful tools in overcoming stress and quieting down your mind.

    Also in this episode of The Boardroom: “In the News with Michael Davis” and more practical tips to help you be more innovative in your life.

    In this episode:

    • Innovation (Part 5 of 5) – Application (2:15 – 17:30)
    • Using Language Properly (19:05 – 30:05)
    • “In The News with Michael Davis” (31:03 – 42:23)
    • Forgive People to Reduce Your Stress (51:00 – 57:17)


    Business Insider: Effective way to relieve stress and clear your mind
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