It’s Not What We Say, It’s Who We Are

    As a father, this video struck a cord. It uncovered a concept about parenting that I feel like I knew before, but wasn’t able to properly articulate. Our children don’t learn from what we say, they learn from who we are. They have this unique ability to know when we are being genuine, honest and caring and when we are just acting. They watch how we deal with our lives and learn how to deal with theirs.

    While this may look daunting, this concept could open up a new road to personal greatness. Once we realize that our every move is being observed by our children, we are forced to become genuinely better people. Even if we feel like we are not strong, patient or kind enough, as we remind ourselves that those little eyes are watching, we somehow find a way.

    It seems like our kids give us as much as we give them.

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