The Launch of the Unlocking Greatness Podcast

    I just launched an exciting new podcast called Unlocking Greatness. I wanted to share it with you and my reasoning behind it.

    When I first started my career, I received great advice from one of my mentors. I asked him what I could do to excel at my career.

    He responded that I should “seek wisdom.”

    While it sounded smart, I didn’t know what meant; so he explained.

    Success is a product of our actions. Our actions stem from our knowledge. Our knowledge is generated through two primary paths: experience and wisdom.

    Experience is the default mechanism. If you are paying attention to life, you will learn how to act and what to avoid. You don’t need great wisdom to know not to touch fire. Experience will teach that to you.

    But experience has a significant downside, time. Knowledge takes a lot of time should you only rely on experience. If you want to excel, he advised, you can’t wait to gain your knowledge only from experience.

    So instead, he suggested, I seek wisdom. Wisdom is relevant knowledge. It teaches us how to act, and how not to act, without the years of trials. It gives us insights that we can utilize immediately to achieve success and avoid unnecessary failure.

    The podcast, Unlocking Greatness, is my attempt to glean wisdom from people with great experiences. To interview a diverse set of individuals, all of whom have achieved a measure of success and to search for the knowledge in their actions.

    To seek wisdom.

    Why? So we can apply it to our lives.

    But there is one more piece.

    I chose the name Unlocking Greatness because it encompasses a critical piece of this process.

    We are each built with the potential and the capacity of greatness. Speak to people that have accomplished great things in life and you will hear that they were not born with superhuman strengths, only the potential of such strengths. They had the capacity but had to work, act and toil to unleash that which was always there.

    Each of us has similar potential. Our choice is what we do to uncover it. We don’t have become great. We have to unlock it.

    That’s the goal of the podcast. Please join me by listening, commenting, sending guests or sharing with others.

    Here are links to the first three episodes:

    UG 000 – CNBC’s Jake Novak on Luck, Humility, and How to Navigate the World of Media
    UG 001 – How to Start a Multi-Million Dollar Business From Scratch
    UG 002 – Strategies for Financial Success for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

    You can subscribe below

    Together, I hope, we will find wisdom, gain knowledge, enhance our actions and unlock our inner greatness.

    One thought on “The Launch of the Unlocking Greatness Podcast

    1. Aaron Schiff

      Hey Charlie,

      I love listening to your your Unlocking Greatness podcasts. Already listened to them all. I am also a huge fan of your new show on 77WABC. When are you going to do another Unlocking Greatness podcast?

      Do you happen to have a video recording of the panel you were on at the Agudah convention?

      #Leadership #StriveForExcellence


      Aaron Schiff


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