Fran Capo on the Power of Positive Mental Attitude: Nothing is Impossible

    Motivational speaker and comedian, Fran Capo joins Charlie in discussing how she became the World’s Fastest Talking Woman simply by believing she could.

    Through humor and visualization, Fran trained herself to overcome any obstacle that came her way and found herself where she never thought imaginable.

    Fran and Charlie discuss the power of having a positive mental attitude and that training your mind is much simpler than you think.

    Listen in to hear how this 18 time author and holder of 6 world records became who she is today as she reflects on her journey and shares insight on how your “can do” mentality can be the path to tap into your greatness.


    • Becoming a record breaker (1:56 — 15:30)
    • I can do anything mentality (15:31 — 47:10)
    • Being comfortable in your skin (47:11 — 1:02:05)
    • Writing her last book, Hopeville: The City of Light (1:02:06 — 1:11:04)


    • “This is just a passing phase” FC
    • Nothing is impossible, God guides me always, and I am a winner” FC
    • “In life there is so much negativity, but if you have a core believing that nothing is impossible, then it doesn’t matter what comes about, you will surpass it” FC
    • “It does’t matter how I’m getting there, I’m getting there” FC
    • “I do things because I want to, not because others want me to.” FC
    • “Live everyday as if it’s your last, because one day you’ll be right and you don’t want to be folding the laundry then” FC


    Fran is a motivational speaker, comedienne, adventurer, ordained minister, 18 time-author, spokesperson, consultant, and 6-time world record holder, most known as the Guinness Book of World Record’s Fastest Talking Woman. She has appeared on over 4500 radio shows and 450 TV shows including: The Meredith Vieira Show, Entertainment Tonight, Nick at Nite & Good Morning America and most recently on the Dr. Oz show. 


    • How can I break the limits I have placed on myself?
    • What is my life mantra?
    • What is one area in my life where I could implement P.M.A., Positive Mental Attitude?

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