UG 006 – The Power of Believing in Yourself When Starting a New Business

    In this episode of Unlocking Greatness, I spoke with Jason Gelber, co-founder of BD Health Services. After receiving his degree in mental health and addiction, Jason did an internship in a drug-rehabilitation facility. Jason saw the way the facility treated its patients and felt that he could create a better and more effective experience for people suffering from addiction. Gelber and his partner, sought to open their own facility, but they hit one obstacle after another. Everyone they turned to discouraged them and they didn’t have the money, the space or the experience. But they had the vision and the self-confidence and that was enough to launch their first facility. Now, BD Health Services hosts four facilities, has helped hundreds of people, and has exceeded everyone’s expectations.  Jason shares his thoughts on being able to overcome the odds to launch his company, and grow it to success.


    • The Thought Process Behind BD Health Services (0:47)
    • The Approach That Sets BD Health Services Apart (5:48)
    • Overcoming the Obstacles of Starting a Drug Treatment Facility (7:08)
    • Due Diligence and Knowing When to Go All In (13:45)
    • The Thoughts and Skills Needed to be Successful (16:58)
    • Wanting to Help People Can Push You Through Adversity (20:02)
    • Self-Doubt vs. Confidence (22:50)
    • Starting Your Own Company When You Are Not an Expert (27:03)
    • Believing in Yourself (31:13)
    • Jason’s Process for Vetting Ideas (32:49)

    BD Health Services

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