The Boardroom – Episode 025 (3/26/15)

    This week on The Boardroom, Charlie discusses Passover and how we can break free from what is holding us back and how the power of optimism can change everything. Still struggling with getting to sleep earlier? Charlie shares a great article and gives practical tips to try and sleep a little bit better. If you are not sure if you should stay in your current job or start your own business based on your passion, check out Charlie’s response to “How do I take my passion and turn it into my job?” a question from a listener. Charlie answers the question with tips and advice on how to become an expert in your passion and take your business and life to the next level. Willie Hochman from The Joel Paul Group makes a guest appearance in the CEO Spotlight. Willie and Charlie discussed the non-profit world, how it has been changing over the years and how anyone looking for a job or looking to hire someone in the non-profit world should reach out to the Joel Paul Group for assistance. Also in this episode “In the News with Michael Davis” and business inspiration from Tony Tsieh, CEO of Zappos.

    In This Episode:

    • How to Break Free: Passover Lessons (1:55 – 10:25)
    • Practical Tips to Get To Sleep Faster (11:52 – 19.52)
    • Should You Turn Your Passion Into Your Job (19:55 – 31:21)
    • “In the News with Michael Davis” (31:21 – 43:44)
    • CEO Spotlight with Willie Hochman, CEO of Joel Paul Group (43:46 – 56:52)
    • Business Inspiration – Quote from Tony Tsieh from Zappos (57:00 – 59:00)


    Business Insider: 9 things to do before bed that will jump-start tomorrow

    Slate: Did Benjamin Franklin Really Say the National Symbol Should Be the Turkey?

    Joel Paul Group

    Zappos Blog: Everything I Know About Business I Learned From Poker

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