What the Migrant Crisis and Ashley Madison Hack have to do with the High Holidays: Overcoming Irrational Decisions.

    What does the Migrant crisis and Ashley Madison hack have to do with the High Holidays?

    In this week’s episode, Charlie opens with the Migrant crisis, what caused the explosion of Syrian refugees and how it could have been avoided. The answer centers on our inability to face complex issues head on until it blows up in our faces.

    The Ashley Madison hack, the moment of crisis for millions of marriages stem from the same problem, as husbands chose to run from their marital issues only to have it reach crisis, which in some cases ended in suicide.

    This irrational thinking applies to our resolutions, relevant for those observing Rosh Hashanah. Our ineffective resolutions serve to mask our deeper, more complex problems that we don’t have the stamina to face.

    We delve into the research of professor Dan Ariely on the cause of irrational decision making.

    We profile someone who overcame this challenge. Humanitarian Nicholas Winton, an English banker, faced the Nazis head on by organizing multiple transports to save hundreds of Jewish children during the Holocaust.

    We end with practical steps on how to face our most complex issues by shifting our perspective on greatness, from the results we generate to the effort we expend.

    Show Notes: 

    • The Migrant crisis, Ashley Madison and Rosh Hashanah (0:20 – 18:55)
    • Professor Dan Ariely and his research on irrational decision making  (18:56 – 29:15)
    • Story of Nicholas Winton (29:16 – 41:30)
    • Bringing it all home. How our focus on “effort” changes our definition of greatness (41:35 – 55:00)

    Resource Notes: 

    Dan Ariely – TED Talk on Irrational Decisions

    Nicolas Winton – That’s Life episode

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