The Boardroom – Episode 024 (3/19/15)

    This week on The Boardman, Charlie discusses ‘March Madness’ and how we can apply many lessons to our businesses and lives. The quote: “The game isn’t over until it is over,” teaches us a powerful lesson of perseverance. Also in this episode of The Boardroom, “In the News with Michael Davis”, tips to win any argument, the power of patience and persistence and insights into the biggest productivity time wasters. In This Episode:

    • Lessons from March Madness (2:55– 15:50)
    • The Power of Patience and Persistence (15:52 – 24:00) (leadership)
    • “In the News with Michael Davis” (24:00 – 34:55)
    • Tactics to Help You Win Every Argument (37:25 – 48:55)
    • Most Popular Productivity Traps (49:15 – 56:52)

    Resources: Business Insider: Science Backed Tactics to Win Any Argument 5 Fake Productive Things You Are Doing That Are a Waste of Time Did you enjoy the show? If yes, can you please leave a short review here?

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