The Boardroom – Episode 022 (2/26/15)

    On this week’s episode of The Boardroom, Charlie goes over some key principles that will help you improve your everyday life all based around the concept of “Purpose”. Charlie explains how having a purpose makes everything much easier to accomplish and tells stories to help you understand the concept better and apply it to your life.
    Also in this episode of The Boardroom, “In the News with Michael Davis”, understanding that “Haters don’t hate you. Haters hate themselves” and how Charlie’s friend, Seth Farbman, adjusted the common business term: “ABC” (always be closing) to “ABG” (always be giving) and why you should adapt “ABG” as well.

    In this episode:

    • The Power of Purpose (1:45 – 49:31)
    • “In The News with Michael Davis” (50:01 – 59:30)

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