The Boardroom – Episode 021 (2/19/15)

    How do you end your night? If you are laying in bed scrolling through your email, the latest research says that you need to make a change in your nighttime routine.  The screen of your smart phone emits protons which signal to your brain that is not time for bed. This affects the production of your natural hormones.  Over time, you will sleep less and less and while you might be misled into thinking you are being more productive, the toxins in your brain are not being cleansed (which normally happens when you sleep.)  In the next segment, Charlie examines the traits of perfectionists and you have to push beyond your normal limits and keep producing, even if its not perfect. You could miss opportunities.  Also in this episode of The Boardroom: “In the News with Michael Davis” and learn about how comfort is the obstacle to achieving your potential.  Learn how great people are never comfortable and by simply looking at what you are avoiding in your own life and shine the light on what you need to focus on to get to the next level. In this episode:

    • Your Procedure Before You Go To Bed – Stop Your Late Night Screens (7:25 – 16:00)
    • Innovation Addendum: The Perils of Perfection (16:03 – 30:35)
    • “In The News with Michael Davis” (31:41 – 48:47)
    • Be Open and Truthful (48:50 – 57:18)


    Business Insider: This is What Happens to Your Brain and Body When you Check your Phone Before Bed

    Inc: Leading with Loyalty -10 Tips to Create a Loyalty Culture

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