The Boardroom – Episode 019 (2/5/15)

    The most important lesson that everyone should take from this year’s Super Bowl, sports fan or not, is “It’s never over until it’s over.”  Our series on Innovation continues with Part 4: Visualize the Solution. Charlie explains from a scientific perspective how using your imagination can fire off the same neurons in your brain as the experience does in reality. Applying this advice can help you in the business world take you from a 95 to a 100.  If you are a true “Type B” then we have might have the solution to one of your biggest issues…being late.  According to the latest research, it’s not “actually” your fault, its in your DNA (tell your parents/boss that one).   Also in this episode of The Boardroom: “In the News with Michael Davis” and a deeper understanding of why is it so important to smile and how putting on a happy face doesn’t just make you more likable but it also make you healthier.

    In this episode:

    • The Best Lesson From The Super Bowl (4:07 – 9:29)
    • Smile for Success (9:32 – 19:35)
    • Innovation (Part 4 of 5) – Visualize the Solution (19:40 – 31:51)
    • “In The News with Michael Davis” (34:02 – 50:14)
    • Why You Come Early Or Late Might Be Genetic (51:48 – 5 7:43)


    Fast Company: How Smiling Changes Your Brain
    Business Insider: Science says one type of person tends to be chronically late

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