Filling the Gap Between Perceptions and Reality

    Dan Price, “The worlds most altruistic boss”, has been praised for setting the minimum wage in his company to $70,000 and fighting against income inequality. Recent reports show that he may not be as altruistic as he seems.

    Time and again we learn that things aren’t how they seems and people aren’t truly how they appear to be.

    Why do we have such a skewed vision of reality?

    Listen in as Charlie discusses this and the power of Facebook depression, the science behind motivating others to have happier lives and the need for validation.


      • Dan Price Unraveled (0:48 – 12:56)
      • Perception and Reality (12:57 — 20:21)
      • Social media and Facebook Depression (20:22 —26:34)
      • Daniel Pink on how to Motivate Others (26:35 — 43:16)
      • What people really want: Validation (43:17 — 50:49)
      • True Hero: Master Sergeant Roddie Edmonds (50:50 —  54:10)


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