Erosion of America’s Dominance as the World’s Super Power and Being Bold in Moments of Uncertainty

    America’s respect in the eyes of the global community is quickly declining. The Russians made it known loud and clear by entered Syria as an aid to Assad with minimal notice to the US. Why? Because our American leaders lack boldness.

    Josh Mandel, treasurer of the State of Ohio and chairman for Marco Rubio, joins this week’s show. He explains that the language that works in the Middle East is force, strength, and boldness. If we say something, we have to follow through and act on it, making it understood that we are for real and are to be taken seriously. Red lines mean nothing when they are drawn in sand.

    Rob Waldo Waldman, former US Air Force Pilot discuss how boldness is also a key trait needed for life. Boldness is what pushes us past our fears and enables us to be the people we want to be. Charlie then wraps up the show with steps each of us can take to be bolder.


    • Russia in Syria and American Foreign Policy (0:23 – 26:44)
    • Josh Mandel, Treasurer of the State of Ohio and Chairman for Marco Rubio on Boldness in Leadership (26:45 – 35:55)
    • Rob Waldo Waldman: Being Bold and Overcoming Fears (35:56 – 51:42)
    • Wrap Up and Steps to Being Bold (51:43 – 55:44)

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