UG 016 – Peter C. Brown on How Great People Learn Differently

    Peter Brown has tackled one of the most important areas for personal greatness: how to learn. In this episode of Unlocking Greatness, we delve into Peter’s latest book, Make It Stick written with Henry Roediger and Mark McDaniel of Washington University, to see how the common approach to learning new material is not the most effective. He brings examples of neurosurgeons, Marines, and football coaches, to show a unconventional approach to thinking and learning. This interview will show you how to train your mind to “make learning stick.”


    • Peter’s opportunity to start writing (1:26)
    • Stepping off the treadmill to enjoy life (3:21)
    • Becoming self-aware: Exploring your curiosity and noticing life (5:52)
    • Starting the writing process: Get the beginning “begun” (9:04)
    • Make it stick: Learning how to learn (12:39)
    • The right way to learn: Retrieving the information from your brain (14:50)
    • Mixing it up: The practice regimen of jet pilots, neurosurgeons, and football players (20:05)
    • Contradicting the status quo (26:45)
    • Desirable difficulties: How making it harder helps you (30:03)
    • Surpassing our abilities: Shifting, learning and applying (35:45)
    • Innovative studying: Put your notes aside (39:48)
    • Michael Young and space retrieval practice (43:20)



    • “Self-awareness is a cultivated skill.” PB
    • “Learn to be comfortable with ambiguity.” PB

    Make It Stick: The Science of Successful Learning by Peter C. Brown, Henry L. Roediger and Mark A. McDaniel
    Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol Dweck

    Peter C. Brown is a management consultant turned writer and novelist. Brown’s latest book Make It Stick tears down the common notion of how we learn. He is also the author of The Fugitive Wife; Jumping the Job Track: Independent Consultant; and A Christmas Lake: A History, and The Complete Guide to Money Making Ventures for Nonprofit Organizations. Brown lives in St. Paul, Minnesota.


    • What is a problem in my life that I can think before for a solution?
    • How can I integrate Peter’s learning method into my life?
    • Peter Brown says he didn’t know how to listen to himself. Do you know how to listen to yourself?


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