#TheAskCharlieShow – Episode 3 – Perfection and Procrastination

    In this episode of #TheAskCharlieShow, Charlie explains how and why perfectionists procrastinate. He discusses a few strategies and concepts including; agile design, rapid iteration and minimum viable product and shares some quick tips to help you ‘pull the trigger’ at work.

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    One thought on “#TheAskCharlieShow – Episode 3 – Perfection and Procrastination

    1. Leah Weintraub

      Such a brilliant question.. and Charlie, your personal story really honed in on the challenge. As a magazine editor, it is another dimension again – reading and proofing and checking your content, as well as other people’s – and then finding mistakes right as it comes off the press. It’s gut-wrenching to go through that, and to do it again and again, over and over. Knowing that every time, there will “most likely” be a mistake – and pressing “Send to PRINT,” anyway.

      Nowadays, we are blessed that in mobile publishing, you can go back, make a correction, and re-publish, in a short amount of time. I did that once with your content in my app magazine (btw) – the link to your site didn’t work (which I had tested 500 million times of course) – and I was able to go in, fix it, and re-publish it, before anyone knew. So that was nice. But the whole topic – yes, it’s all that, what you said.


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