The Underlying Cause of the Anti-Israel Bias and Our Own Cognitive Bias

    If you follow the Israeli-Palestinian conflict it’s hard not to notice an anti-Israel slant on so many media outlets. Where did it come from? In this week’s show we explore the underlying cause of this bias, and the impact that it has on reporting the “facts”.

    Bias is something that exists outside of the media and is in every one of our lives. In the second half of the show, we explore the impact that cognitive bias has on our lives. Guest Dr. Jeff Gardere, “America’s Psychologist”, explains how our cognitive bias forms and shares practical tools on how to overcome it.

    You may not even realize how much your mental filter is impacting your life. This show helps you identify your biases so that you can clear them away.


    • Media Bias in the Middle East, Politics and Living Life With a Script (0:43 – 22:46)
    • Cognitive Bias and How to Overcome It with Dr. Jeff Gardere (23:48 – 36:10)
    • Wrap Up on How Overcoming Personal Bias Leads to Greatness (37:11 – 54:58)


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