The Secret to True Happiness

    Mom was right — it’s important to be grateful.

    Studies show that 40% of the difference between how happy you are and how happy the person next to you is comes down to gratitude.

    In this episode, we talk with Janice Kaplan, author of The Gratitude Diaries as she describes the impact her New Year’s Eve resolution, to be more grateful, had on her life.

    We hear from Dr. Emiliana R. Simon-Thomas Ph.D.,  as she explains the latest edge research on how gratitude molds your mind and improves your physical health.

    The episode concludes with practical steps to implement more gratitude in our lives even if we feel that we have little to be grateful for. Happiness doesn’t depend on whats going on out there, its whats going on right here in your mind.


    • History of Thanksgiving (0:48 – 13:00)
    • The Gratitude Diaries, Janice Kaplan  (13:01 – 28:04)
    • Emiliana R. Simon-Thomas: How Gratitude Changes your Brain and Body (28:05- 43:01)
    • Practical Steps: Implement Gratitude (43:02-56:04)


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