The Incredible Power of Taking Responsibility

    Ethan Couch, the affluenza teen, who was recently found hiding in Mexico, just got sentenced to 2 year in jail. The media’s obsession with Ethan started when at his trial (for killing 4 people while driving drunk) his claimed the affluenza defense. Whats affluenza, you may ask? On today’s show, we delve into the utter ridiculousness of affluenza, and how it relates to a more fundamental character flaw, our inability to take responsibility.

    Shirking responsibility is one of our greatest impediments to personal greatness. Its been issue for us since the beginning of time, ever since Adam and Eve. Adam doesn’t get kicked out of the Garden of Eden because he ate the forbidden fruit, he gets kicked out because he doesn’t take responsibility, he shifted the blame.

    Great people dont shift blame, they take responsibility. Kobe Bryant who played his last game this week shows us the exact opposite — he and Ted Cruz both show the fact that being relentless and working hard pays off.

    We also share advice from one of the most successful financial advisors in New York on how to habituate effort.

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