The Hero Within: The Untold Stories of Heroism when Terrorism Strikes

    What makes a hero?

    In this episode we delve into the greatness of the human spirit. When terror strikes, when faced with a crisis, ordinary individuals step up and show their true selves.

    Where does this come from? How do we tap into this? And how far does it go? We examine the recent Paris attacks and speak with terror survivor Sarri Singer to see what makes regular individuals step up and heed the call.


    • Stepping Up Against Global Jihad: Respecting Human Life  (0:43 – 18:04)
    • Guest Sarri Singer: Terror Victim and Founder of Strength to Strength (18:05 – 32:59)
    • Bravery: Acting Despite Fears (33:00- 50:09)
    • Pathway to Becoming a Hero: Heed Your Call (50:10-55:33)


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