Element of a True Leader: Taking Responsibility

    In the fourth episode of The Charlie Harary Show, Charlie discusses one of the most important elements being a true leader: Taking responsibility. Through examples including the economic current events in China, and the Black Lives Matter movement, Charlie explains that true leadership and improvement is not about white-washing situations, shifting blame, or victimizing oneself. It’s about taking responsibility. Novak Djokovic, one of the greatest tennis players in the world, teaches us that greatness does not come naturally, but rather it is cultivated through hard work, determination, discipline, and diligence which all starts with taking responsibility. Charlie’s guest was Michael Davis, principal of the Plymouth Group, a private equity firm. Michael lays out the qualities he finds in leaders who overcome challenging situations. In this episode Charlie ends the show with the inspiring story of Matt Steven, a blind High School student who taught himself how to play basketball and made the winning foul shot.

    Economic turmoil in China, Black Lives Matter, Novak Djokovic (0:19 – 16:41)
    Michael Davis on tenacity and integrity (16:42 – 33:11)
    Matt Steven: the blind basket ball player (13:12 – 45:12)
    Wrap-up, 5 practical steps on how to take responsibility (44:13 – 55:51)

    Michael Davis from The Plymouth Group
    Matt Steven’s story

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