CHS on The Blaze: The Art of the Fold: Cutting Losses and Expanding Ideas – Ep. 18 (8-7-16)

    This week Kazir Khan challenged Trump with his son’s military death in Iraq. How did Mr. Trump choose to react? Trump decided to fight him head on and is now getting killed in the polls for it. Had Trump bowed his head and folded his cards, this would have been a different story.

    So why didn’t he do it? Why do we justify our actions even after we realize we’re wrong?

    Because we love being right. It’s hard for us to give in an sit out.

    But the best managers know it takes strength and humility to fold, the ability to know when to cut your losses is the key to greatness. It’s the difference between being a good leader and a great one.

    We cover this and much more this week on the Charlie Harary Show.


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