The American Dream and the Power of Will

    America is known far and wide as the land of opportunity, the land of promise. This is the land of the American Dream.

    What fuels the American Dream? It’s the drive each and every one of us has within to improve and change our condition, to work harder today for a better tomorrow. This hope for a brighter tomorrow comes down to one thing: belief in one’s self.

    Do we have that as a people? Do we believe in ourselves and take responsibility for our lives?

    The campaigns of Trump and Sanders may indicate otherwise. Both candidates tend to blame others for the country’s failures, and as a result we have learned to victimize ourselves and have slipped into a state of helplessness and hopelessness. As Americans, we must know that our dreams do not fade when the world says no, they fail to become a reality when we give up. When we feel broken and no longer feel we are capable of change — that’s when we let go of the dream.

    We, not others, need to believe in ourselves and be the driving force for a better tomorrow. We must take responsibility for our lives and push forward and persevere. Only then can we be who we are meant to be and make our dreams a reality.


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