Silent Heroes

    We are living in a time in which information is readily available on our fingertips. Never in the history of humanity were we able to access so much advice, content, and data. Today, when we want to know something, our first instinct is to google it and when we do, we are overwhelmed with the response.

    But there is certain information that can’t be googled; content that is not searchable or downloadable; advice that we can’t access with a wifi connection. There is life changing wisdom that is only available by speaking to those that have lived life.

    By seeking advice from those that have experienced the ups and down, the highs and lows, the joys and pains of life, we gain a unique understanding and perspective that we can apply to our lives.

    We have within our midst a generation of people that lived extraordinary lives. They grew up in a time of extreme horror. Their childhood was ripped away by those that sought their demise. They experienced great tragedy, traveled across continents and rebuilt lives and families from ashes.

    They are the survivors. Heroes that have seen more than we can nightmare. They lived a superhuman life. They contain a treasure trove of wisdom for how to overcome, rebuild and live.

    They don’t know how to blog, podcast or tweet. Their words may seem outdated. But they have the secret to life. They can show us how to live greatly – if we can hear it. If we are patient enough to ask and listen. To understand the depths of what they are saying. To appreciate them for who they are and for what they have been through.

    This past week, we had on the radio show Mr. Egon Pfeifer, a survivor. Born in Hungary in 1936, Mr. Pfeifer was only seven years old when his parents were taken from him. His mother and older brother were killed in the concentration camps while he starved and barely survived in a safe house. He then spent years in an orphanage and ultimately, through underground connections, came to the US with nothing. He, like many others, rebuilt a life, a family and a business.

    You will realize through the interview that he doesn’t see himself as special. Of course, we know otherwise. His words, though he doesn’t consider them life advice, are just that.

    We discussed overcoming tragedy through shifting your focus, through staying positive and being grateful. He gave us content that, while unsearchable, is priceless.

    Below please find an audio of the show. I hope you find it insightful and inspiring. As you listen, think about those people that you have in your life. Maybe parents or grandparents, neighbors or friends. It is our elders who contain the wisdom to live the lives we dream of – if we are willing to ask, listen, and learn.

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