Power of Believing in Yourself: How Mental Fortitude Overrides Physical Ability

    What’s driving you — results or approval?

    On this week’s radio show, we delve into the greatest catalyst of success: believing in yourself.

    More than the talent, having the mental strength to believe in yourself regardless of what others say or your life circumstances is what takes a person from being average to being great.

    So how powerful is this “I can” mentality? We look at the stories of NY Mets’ Daniel Murphy, presidential candidates Ben Carson, Marco Rubio, and Bernie Sanders, to see how they overcame their obstacles and beat the odds to be where they are today.

    Our guest this week is Hollywood Animator and Director Saul Blinkoff who shares his personal story of pursuing his dream, even after failing over and over, to becoming the success he is today.


    • Daniel Murphy: The Average Player who Believed in Himself (0:49 – 9:50)
    • Carson, Rubio, and Sanders: Never Feeling Limited by Circumstances of Your Birth (9:51 – 24:09)
    • Saul Blinkoff: Thrusting Yourself into a Market That Doesn’t Even Want You (24:10 – 45:16)
    • What drives you: results or approval? Practical steps to Believing in Yourself (45:17 – 55:20)



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