Noah Galloway on How to Turn Obstacles into Opportunities

    Former Sergeant Noah Galloway has inspired millions through the story of his life.

    In 2003, Noah was in Iraq when a roadside bomb nearly killed him and left him without his right arm and leg. Upon his return, he suffered from depression and worst of all, hopelessness. But Noah found a way to overcome his challenges and rise from the ashes.

    Today, Noah is a personal trainer, motivational speaker, Dancing with the Stars competitor, founder of the No Excuses Charitable Fund, and face of a special edition of Armitron watches.

    Noah shares with us his personal giving us insight as to how each of us can become a greater and deeper person because of your challenges, not despite them.


    • Signing up to join the military injured, alone, and depressed (0:00 – 8:00)
    • Rising from the ashes (8:01 – 24:57)
    • The drive of giving (24:58 – 28:32)
    • Letting go of the past, and taking steps forward (28:33 – 35:15)
    • A simple thank you goes a long way (35:15 – 42:32)


    • “The more you sweat the less you bleed” CH
    • “Even when I was going though depression, it was always the future I was scared of” NG
    • “Most people go to watch what we do every day to experience it” NG
    • Once you go through the excuses and get to meaning, you start to taste the meeting
    • “Have to get past the obstacle of I have to work for something that will make me feel good” CH
    • “People in life stick to whats safe, they dont go for what challenges them” NG
    • “Its all about patience, if you want it you have to realize it’s not going to happen overnight” NG
    • “Sometimes you have to get yourself fired up to keep yourself moving” NG
    • “Look yourself in the mirror and say ‘there’s something special about me’” CH


                Just three months into his second tour of duty, Noah experienced a life changing injury. Galloway lost his left arm above the elbow and left leg above the knee in an Improvised Explosive Device attack. After a long stint in recovery and rehabilitation, Galloway did what many disabled veterans do, becoming withdrawn, out of shape and depressed. The former fitness fanatic and hyper competitive athlete was now drinking, smoking and sleeping his days away. But late one night, Galloway took a long look in the mirror and realized there was more to him than the injuries. And he set a goal to get back in shape, be healthier and inspire others.

    Now a personal trainer and motivational speaker, Galloway doesn’t take excuses from his clients, fans and followers – and finds ways to get things done. As a sought after public speaker, Galloway’s enthusiasm for life and his passion for helping others brings a unique perspective to gatherings. Most recently, Galloway took third place in ABC’s hit series, Dancing with the Stars, following his appearance on the November cover of Men’s Health Magazine, as he was named the publication’s 2014 Ultimate Guy. Galloway recently created the No Excuses Charitable Fund.


    • What challenges have I faced that made me a stronger person?
    • How can I turn my obstacles into opportunities?
    • What does it take to go from the victim of life events to the one who engineers my life?


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