“It’s Now or Never”: Why Joe Biden isn’t Running For President and How to Capitalize on Life’s Opportunities With Dr. Hananya Dahan

    This week we’re taking a deeper look at what drove Vice President Joe Biden’s decision not to run for President of the United States. Did Hillary Clinton’s success at the Democratic Debate scare supporters?

    As Joe Biden himself put it, “We’re out of time”.

    How come some of us are able to capitalize on opportunities while others lose out? Is the age-old saying “You snooze, you lose” true?

    Dr. Hananya Dahan, the senior consultant of a national health care firm joins Charlie in discussing how to can capitalize on opportunities that come our way. Dahan also tells us what his personal process was like and what let to his success.

    Once-in-a-lifetime opportunities come at inopportune times. Tune in to hear how to identify and take advantage of these opportunities and thereby have a more successful life.


    • Why Vice President Joe Biden Decided Not to Run for President (0:48 – 15:17)
    • Maximizing our Opportunities with Dr. Hananya Dahan (15:18 – 35:51)
    • How to Jump on Opportunities That Come Our Way (35:52 – 55:16)


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