How to Turn Obstacles into Opportunities

    Veterans are the unsung heroes of our country. They teach bravery, courage, and sacrifice. They show us how to push ourselves beyond what we think possible.

    Former Sergeant Noah Galloway joins us for a special Veterans Day edition. Galloway has inspired millions through the story of his life.

    In 2003, Noah was in Iraq when a roadside bomb nearly killed him and left him with his right arm and leg. Upon his return, he suffered from depression and worst of all, hopelessness. But Noah found a way to overcome his challenges and is now a personal trainer, motivational speaker, Dancing with the Stars competitor, and face of a special edition of Armitron watches.

    Noah shares with us his personal giving us insight as to how each of us can become a greater and deeper person because of your challenges, not despite them.


    • Appreciating our Veterans (0:36 – 7:24)
    • The story of Noah Galloway (7:25 – 48:37)
    • Become a Hero (45:19 – 54:59)


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