CHS on The Blaze: How to Be Better At Anything You Do – Ep. 13 (6-10-16)

    How can you be better at anything you do?

    This week we covered a key element of success. More important than having natural talents and abilities is having grit, or “stick-to-it-ness”

    Malcom Gladwell touched on this with his 10,000 hour rule in his well known book, Outliers. The people who do the best are those who stick to their projects and goals for the long term. Those who push forward even when things get tough is one of the indicators of success in the long run. Many times, talent is overrated, the most talented are those who give up the soonest.

    But it goes further. Just sticking to something isn’t enough, there is another aspect that is the key to success. We will discuss it on the show.

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