Gaining a Frame of Reference as a Pathway to Success

    What is the fundamental issue that inhibits success and why do our policies and efforts for peace keep failing? This week we examine the greatest impetus to success: gaining a frame of reference.

    This week marked the 36th anniversary of the Iran Hostage Crisis, and the shift in the diplomatic relations to what it is today. We take a look at our foreign policy with Iran since the conflict and identify it’s underpinnings.

    Special guest, Brian Kilmeade of Fox News joins in discussing why and how history is once more repeating itself and how sharing a frame of reference is the key factor to conflict resolution.

    Communication is not about talking, it’s about listening. Putting ourselves in another’s frame of reference gives us the insight we need in order to take the next step and make proper decisions.


    • Source of Conflict: The 1979 Iranian Hostage Crisis to Now (0:43 – 22:50)
    • Brian Kilmeade: author of Thomas Jefferson and the Triploli Pirates (22:51 – 45:18)
    • Practical steps: Imagination is more important than knowledge (45:19 – 55:11)


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