Dealing With Problems Head On

    The recent attack in San Bernardino makes it clear — Terrorism is now a hometown problem.

    Join Charlie as he takes a deeper look at the roots and extent of religious hatred and how the very liberties that we stand for are what put us at risk.

    Find out how Obama blamed the attack on gun control, and how self justification ultimately does more damage than good. We need to face our issues head on because if we don’t, it’ll comes back to bit us.


    • Blown Away (0:35 — 12:00)
    • Facing the Truth: When Terrorism Hits Home (12:01 —25:09)
    • Fighting Bigotry, the Crisis of our Generation (25:10 — 30:30)
    • Life’s Straw Man: Self Justification (42:12 — 55:38)

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