CHS on The Blaze: Clarity In Our Fight Against Evil – Ep. 14 (6-18–16)

    The recent shooting in Orlando, FL was the deadliest attach on American soil since 9/11. Rather than using the opportunity to galvanize our nation, President Obama and the republican nominee Donald Trump neglected to step up and identify the source of the issue: radical Islam.

    What’s missing here? Clarity.

    Clarity enables us to know and understand what we are dealing with. Only then can we move forward and fight evil to overcome terrorism.

    The importance of clarity goes even further and seeps into all areas of our lives. Knowing where we want to end up is the first step to getting there. If we want to be successful in life, our greatest challenge is identifying what it really is that we want, even more than the effort needed to achieve it. We discuss this and more on this week’s podcast.

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