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    The Boardroom – Episode 032 (5/28/15)

    On this episode of The Boardroom, Charlie breaks down different types of body language and explains the messages we say without using words based on our actions. He revisits the topic of emails and discusses how emails can be the #1 enemy of productivity and explains how Read More
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    The Boardroom – Episode 031 (5/21/15)

    In this episode of the Boardroom, Charlie discusses how you can build a culture for your business as a leader. Charlie gives tips on marketing and on how to focus and be efficient based on a clip by Marcus Lemonis. Also in this episode, how to use the “Dream the Plus One” Read More
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    The Boardroom – Episode 017 (1/22/15)

    If you find yourself driven by the need to please people and find yourself constantly worried about what others think about you, then this segment on how to stop caring about what others think was designed for you.  Join Charlie as he helps you understand what drives this Read More
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    The Boardroom – Episode 016 (1/15/15)

    Negativity and anger are a very dangerous duo.  Mixing them with email can damage your reputation and job. As hard as it might be, you should never be negative on email.  Charlie explains how sending a “not so positive” email can lead to miscommunications and that Read More
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    The Boardroom – Episode 014 (1/1/15)

    In this episode of The Boardroom, Charlie welcomes CNN Top 10 Heroes Finalist Rabbi Elimelech Goldberg from Kids Kicking Cancer. Rabbi Goldberg teaches everyone about the “secrets of breathing” and very simple techniques that can help you alleviate your stress. This Read More
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    The Boardroom – Episode 013 (12/25/14)

    Many entrepreneurs abandon their ideas too quickly and unnecessarily. In this powerful interview with Marc Bodner, CEO of L&R Distributors, learn how to focus and deepen what you already have and make sure you are really operating at 100%. Also in this episode of the Read More