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    #TheAskCharlieShow — Episode 13 — Dealing with Haters

    How do you deal with haters and online critics? People say and do things online that they would never do face to face. In this episode of #TheAskCharlieShow, Charlie shares tips on overcoming negative feedback, letting go, and using it as a way to improve and grow. Thank Read More
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    The Boardroom – Episode 027 (4/23/15)

    This week on The Boardroom, Charlie explains how Israel is one of the best examples of how to achieve success and rise to the top, especially when you are afraid. Also on this episode of The Boardroom, a fresh look at an overlooked skill: writing. Charlie explains the benefits Read More
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    The Boardroom – Episode 024 (3/19/15)

    This week on The Boardman, Charlie discusses ‘March Madness’ and how we can apply many lessons to our businesses and lives. The quote: “The game isn’t over until it is over,” teaches us a powerful lesson of perseverance. Also in this episode of The Read More
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    The Boardroom – Episode 023 (3/12/15)

    In today’s world, it seems as if no one can walk, stand or sit without being on a phone, computer or tablet. This week on The Boardroom, Charlie discusses the concept of solitude and thinking. He mentions a quote from Thomas Edison and referenced a study from the University Read More
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    The Boardroom – Episode 021 (2/19/15)

    How do you end your night? If you are laying in bed scrolling through your email, the latest research says that you need to make a change in your nighttime routine.  The screen of your smart phone emits protons which signal to your brain that is not time for bed. This Read More
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    The Boardroom – Episode 020 (2/12/15)

    We all love sounding smart, but you have to make sure that your message is communicated when you speak.  The use of your language is just as important as the value of your ideas. Most people think that by holding a grudge they are actually affecting the person who wronged Read More
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    The Boardroom – Episode 019 (2/5/15)

    The most important lesson that everyone should take from this year’s Super Bowl, sports fan or not, is “It’s never over until it’s over.”  Our series on Innovation continues with Part 4: Visualize the Solution. Charlie explains from a scientific perspective how Read More
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    The Boardroom – Episode 018 (1/29/15)

    In this episode of The Boardroom, Charlie teaches how appreciating the problem presented to you and breaking down the elements of any issue can lead you to be more innovative.  Are you one of the 95% of people who say they have a hard time focusing?  Charlie provides Read More
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    The Boardroom – Episode 017 (1/22/15)

    If you find yourself driven by the need to please people and find yourself constantly worried about what others think about you, then this segment on how to stop caring about what others think was designed for you.  Join Charlie as he helps you understand what drives this Read More