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    The Boardroom – Episode 004 (10/2/14)

    What makes a leader? Listen to Charlie’s interview with Henry Kauftheil, Founder, Partner and Chairman of H3 & Co. as he discusses how he balances business and life and what he looks for when deciding whether or not to invest in a company. Also in this episode of Read More
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    The Boardroom – Episode 003  (9/18/14)

    How do you motivate your team? Charlie Harary has management tips to keep your business going while empowering your employees at the same time. Noise is everywhere, but should we be the source? How does the noise we make affect our work? Ever have an awkward moment with Read More
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    The Boardroom – Episode 002 (9/11/14)

    Did you ever have that awkward first encounter and later thought of what you should have done? Well Charlie Harary is here to help. Today he talks about how we mentally associate with others and provides great tips that can be used in your daily interactions with anyone Read More
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    The Boardroom – Episode 001 (9/4/14)

    Managing an office, team, or a family? In this episode of The Boardroom, Charlie Harary discusses how to effectively schedule and plan your day with practical tips that will motivate your team to motivate themselves. Hear advice from successful leaders on how they accomplish Read More
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    Disconnect and Enjoy

    Technology has changed the way we live our lives. It enables to us to reach people around the globe, work from the most remote of locations and access information from virtually anywhere. However, as we become more dependent on our technology, we run the risk of missing Read More