Can Giving Too Much Be Detrimental? The Migrant Crisis, the Immigration Debate and the Importance of Interpersonal Boundaries 

    The Migrant Crisis seems to be getting worse as Germany, after declaring itself a haven for refugees, changed its tune and closed its borders. Hungary raced to erect fences and has used tear gas. Should these counties open their arms to the refugees? How much can they stretch before they hurt their citizens?

    Immigration is a big issue here at home as it has been the center of debate in the presidential race. Why isn’t the government paying more attention to frustrated Americans who are starting to support deporting immigrant children?

    The Migrant Crisis and Immigration stem from a need for boundaries. Guest Simcha Feuerman, LCSW, discusses the need for boundaries. Feuerman is an expert on co-dependency and together we explore how sometimes giving too much can be detrimental to yourself and your relationships.


    • The Migrant Crisis and the Immigration Debate (0:25 – 23:00)
    • Simcha Feuerman on Codependency and Interpersonal Boundaries (23:03 – 43:54)
    • Wrap-Up and Key Steps for Creating Healthy Boundaries (43:55 – 55:00)

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