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    Hurricane Irene and My Need for Control

    It’s been all Irene all weekend. At first we did n’t take it seriously. We live in New York, for goodness sake. We never have hurricanes (or earthquakes for that matter). The fact that Hurricane Irene was in the Bahamas, Florida and even North Carolina is one Read More
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    How I Wish for Normal

    It was Saturday night. I was 16 years old and I was having a mini-crisis. I had nothing to do! I couldn’t reach my friends (pre cell phone days, if you could believe there was a time) and I was moping around the house when my grandparents came by. My grandmother looked Read More
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    Welcome to the Website

    Welcome to the website. I am honored that you chose to visit and I hope you find the content insightful and inspiring. My goal is to use this site as a forum to uncover and discuss timeless principles that can enable us to live great lives. I remember when I was a kid and Read More